Today, thinking of you
Do you remember this kind of mood
When the cold wind blows and the deep night falls
Somewhere, someone’s waiting for you
Something from you
Seven A.M, I’m breaking my clock
In morning, everything is quiet
When my hand looks for yours, and I hear your voice
Someone, is beside you

Something from you, is still living in me
This habits are not mine, it’s the way you are
Sometimes I wonder, where love is gone
I am free but you’re still living in me
Something from you

Nothing inside, to spend the time
I must go out, to change my mind
When I see two lovers, hand in hand
Somehow, I want to feel you closer
Something from you
Something from you
Now the past seems so present
Remind you these moments, lived so much
Now it’s too late, to go away
For sure here we go again…

Something from you
Is still living in me
Something from you
Is still burning in me
All the best in me, is what you’ve let to me on
Something from you