Disappeared New song  Disappeared is now playing!!! Disappeared is a track that I wanted with a generous bass and a groove that anchors you to the ground. Both to make feel a state of oppression, that I could feel when I was in my mind and my fears, but also to bring back in the […]


acccept And if I look myself with kindness… If I looked  myself as a parent looks at his child, as an elder, as a friend. What would I see? What treasure is hidden to me because I don’t look at myself from a state of love but from a state of judgment. So, what will […]


I’M STILL STANDING lET’S STAND PROUD AND STRAIGHT… Because of all that we go through. All the anguish, all our fears, all our wanderings, all our loneliness. The judgments that I put on me, didn’t finish me. I’M STILL STANDING!!! I hope that, how deep is your pain and anywhere you are. These words may […]


Tu as le Bac & Frenchman   New tracks from the collaboration with Noël Deschamps. A compilation on MAGICRECORDS Listen on youtube: Tu as le bac & Frenchman   Juric: “Tu as le Bac” & “Frenchman”are 2 pieces that appear in Noël Deschamps’ compilation. I like creating. Starting from nothing and little by little new […]