And if I look myself with kindness…

If I looked  myself as a parent looks at his child, as an elder, as a friend. What would I see? What treasure is hidden to me because I don’t look at myself from a state of love but from a state of judgment. So, what will I see?

I am not perverse but I like to touch you and I like your skin
I am not lazy but I like to take my time
I am not disorganized but flexible
I am not scattered but curious
I am not impulsive, I like things go fast
I am not rigid, I like to feel secure
I am not stingy, I like to be financially free
I am not a smooth talker, I like your attention
I am not fragile, I reveal myself
And if I welcome all these parts of me. What’s going on there?!

JURIC 03/25/2021

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