Tu as le Bac & Frenchman   New tracks from the collaboration with Noël Deschamps. A compilation on MAGICRECORDS Listen on youtube: Tu as le bac & Frenchman   Juric: “Tu as le Bac” & “Frenchman”are 2 pieces that appear in Noël Deschamps’ compilation. I like creating. Starting from nothing and little by little new […]

Photo session february 2020

photo Session february 2020 Some pictures for the new album. Photos shoot by Christophe Arrouy, thank you for your look.                                                                                                                                                         

Concert La Lisette

Concert  la lisette (22.02.2020) This concert was an opportunity to introduce you to the songs from my new album in progress. Thank you for sharing this moment of music. Thank you Lisette !!! Photos: Christophe Arrouy