Music is a vibration

[©Christophe Arrouy]

Music is a vibration. More than words, ideas or harmonic understanding. Music is first, a wave that spreads in you.

I send you through my songs, an energy of Joy, of Connection and the Taste to Experience life more and more.



 JURIC Biography,

Author, composer, performer, Juric, has more than one string to his keyboard. This passionate of rock, influenced by the English music since its youth, cooked a panel of songs, with English texts, for his first album: Change the way it works. “The compositions are inspired by artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Steve Lukather (Toto), U2”, says Juric. Evolving first alone on small scenes, JURIC, added three talented musicians. Together, they created JURIC BAND.

Currently recording a new album. He evolves alone and with the collaboration of other artists. Disappeared, is the witness of it and the first song of this new album.

“”And if you wonder what JURIC’s music is? It’s Mantra Rock. Mantra what?! MANTRA ROCK,. To give you in my songs the Energy to find, Love and Reveal you and to become the best version of yourself!!!!!!!”

JURIC [©Christophe Arrouy]