Music is a vibration

JURIC’s Mantra Rock brings you back to yourself and gives you the energy to move towards your dreams

  What is JURIC? A vibration that brings you back to yourself, energy, joy. In two words Mantra Rock. Melodies that take you away like his favorits artists U2, Lenny Kravitz, Toto.





 JURIC Biography,

This songwriter from Berry in France, created the band JURIC BAND in 2016. From this formation will come out the album Change the way it works. Whether with the group or solo, all opportunities are good to share his joy and love of music. Animating concerts, he played in local cafes and other scenes until the Printemps de Bourges. His universe brings us back to a benevolent introspection and gives us the energy to discover the best in each of us.


JURIC is in the process of creating a 4-track album which will be released in French and English at the end of 2021, the album will follow during 2022. The first 2 songs Disappeared and Lost in amazing time are available on Youtube. During the year 2020 he collaborated to the compilation of Noël Deschamps to compose the music of ” Tu as le bac ” and ” Frenchman “, released by Magic Records

JURIC [©Christophe Arrouy]