Music is a vibration

[©Christophe Arrouy]

More than just words, ideas or harmonic understanding. Music is a Wave that spreads through You if You are receptive to it.

Our Music is an Energy that sends Joy and the Taste to Experiencing Life always more



 JURIC BAND Biography,

Author, composer, performer, Juric, has more than one string to his keyboard. This passionate of rock, influenced by the English music since its youth, cooked a panel of songs, with English texts, for his first album: Change the way it works. “The compositions are inspired by artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Steve Lukather (Toto), U2”, says Juric. Evolving first alone on small scenes, Juric, added three talented musicians. A new funk-rock band was born. Together, they were able to add a more pronounced musical accent, with more instrumentation, working on the arrangements, to the rhythmic creations of Juric.

“My songs are in English because I feel the musical note of words that I can not find in French texts, says Juric. The rock energy sometimes groove or blues of the band, carries songs and deliver a message of hope, trust and encouragement in the future.”