Change the Way it Works

  • JURIC : keyboards, vocals, Bass except Funky rock and Something from you, drum on Change the way it works, Black shadow woman, Something from you.
  • CYRIL BACHET : drum except Change the way it works, Black shadow woman, Something from you
  • ERIC LOSFELD : bass on Funky rock and Something from you
  • Lyrics and Music by Juric, arrangements Juric Band
  • Recording and mix by Juric


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The new album is also sold in our next show !!!

thanks :

JURIC : thank you to my family for letting me follow my path. Thanks to Sabine for giving me back on the way. Thanks to Guillaume, Cyril and Eric for following me in this album and endured during the rehearsals. Thank you Emilie, I did not give up. Thanks to Andrea and Ludovica my Italian friends Thanks to Sonia and Christophe for the craze, the good mood and the Jack. Do not change anything, you are perfect. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to make this album.

Thank you to all the musicians and bands who inspired and thank you to everyone who taught me in my musical journey.

I dedicate Blue Eyes to Thomas my nephew, Hope to all those who cling and make live their dream. Finally I dedicate this album in memory of Joseph my grandfather.

GUILLAUME : I want to thank all the musicians who have one day or another accepted to play with me. Thank you very much, infinitely to my friends without whom I would be nothing. I especially thank my brother who taught me everything, my parents and of course my cat who has endured my music throughout my life without ever complaining.

Finally, thank you for having this record in your hands … Listen it loud to share it with your neighbors.