New tracks from the collaboration with Noël Deschamps. A compilation on MAGICRECORDS

Listen on youtube: Tu as le bac & Frenchman

Juric: “Tu as le Bac” & “Frenchman”are 2 pieces that appear in Noël Deschamps’ compilation. I like creating. Starting from nothing and little by little new forms appear. You have to knead them, round them, shape them and finally, in the end,  a song appears. The Blues and Soul side of the music that I like and which Noël is impregnated with, inspired me these arrangements. I hope to have returned the spirit of this great singer in these 2 titles. Good listening!!!

Noël Deschamps:

I met Juric in a Pub where he was performing in the evening, alone with his piano. I immediately liked his voice and his efficient and very personal compositions, before the release of the excellent “Born”, the main track of his first album. We hit it off and decided to record together two tracks of my recent 3 CD: “Tu as le Bac et Frenchman” him for the music and me for the lyrics. His mastery of several instruments allowed us to find a sound particularly adapted to the soul/blues style that has always permeated me. I was thrilled by our collaboration. I believe in his talent and wish him the success he deserves. Discover without moderation.

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